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High-throughput genotyping software for marker-assisted selection & seed QC.

Breed Bio is a software platform that enables breeders & seed companies to keep up with the increasing demand for genetic information to inform their breeding programs and seed quality processes.

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Why Breed Bio?

Your lab software was not built for millions of datapoints.

Legacy software tools were designed for the previous generation of marker-assisted selection. With any modern breeder having established a solid understanding of genetic markers, combining multiple analysis techniques and serving ever-growing genotyping workloads,
it’s time for a new class of software.

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Cumbersome spreadsheet workflows, complex data extraction from legacy databases, ad-hoc firefighting and intensive training to keep teams going.
Manual copy-pasting of data to and from multiple, convoluted spreadsheets.
Deployed on insecure and maintenance-heavy legacy operating systems.
90's era software tools that are complex to train lab technicians on.
Often built for low-throughput research scenarios or too generic to provide value.
No direct way to make data insightful over time.
Specific to one set of laboratory hardware with siloed information.
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Rooted in automation.
Workflow integration by design, connecting any instrument, with evolutionary AI driven by an ever-growing dataset, capturing metrics along the way.
AI-driven automation and standardization across I/O and UI by design.
Runs on any modern browser, hosted on best-in-class cloud infrastructure.
Modern, easy to use software for any lab technician.
Purpose-built and optimized for millions of datapoints.
Data availability and metrics aggregation out of the box.
Bring any piece of lab equipment into a unified experience.
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Millions of genotypes analyzed and made insightful.


Genotyper leverages AI and historical decisions made by your team to analyze new genotyping data automatically.


Ensure quality & efficiency through lab & marker metrics. Detect and comprehend changes over time.

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Build with the best of breed.

We are a passionate team building software that helps drive much needed innovation at the start of the food supply chain. We automate marker-assisted selection workflows to help companies support the world's growing agricultural demands.

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