Not every lab challenge is created equally.

When presented with specific requests that need to be build as custom software, we aim to leverage as much of our scalable & secure platform as possible. This enables us to efficiently implement custom solutions for scenarios specific to your laboratory, in the environment you're used to.

Custom solutions process.

Best of breed custom software.

Our team has extensive experience in developing fit-for-purpose solutions for the most complex laboratory problems. Each outcome is different, but the process is the same each time:


Put together a team of your and our best to collaborate on the solution.


Define the boundaries of the solution, the core challenges and the scope of work.


Iteratively sketch out what solutions could look like. Deliver low-resolution prototypes of the end product to verify our joint understanding.


Design the solution at high resolution and cover the full detail of work to be done.


Develop the solution to specification and iterate while we're building.

Start intake.

Book a meeting, deliver your inputs and we’ll turn around a detailed statement of work in a matter of weeks.

A picture of a tractor on a field.
A screenshot of Breed Bio's Genotyper software, showing how allele discrimination happens in the software.