Explore the Breed Bio platform.

A range of purpose-built applications to ensure efficiency & quality for marker assisted selection at scale.

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Marker-assisted selection and QC genotyping at scale.

Genotyper leverages AI and historical decisions made by your team to automate marker assisted selection and collaborate with team members on data analysis.

Marker and laboratory data over time.

Ensure quality & efficiency through lab & marker metrics. Detect and comprehend changes over time.

Keep tabs on the work in your laboratory.

Generate and manage laboratory workloads across master plates, DNA plates and PCR plates.

Generate reports that customers understand.

Automate marker-trait correlation, purity reports or other conclusion reports based on Genotyper results.

Bring breeder interactions into the fold.

Collaboratively plan and follow-up on work as it progresses, while keeping an internal overview of your lab schedule.

Not every lab challenge is created equally.

Specific solutions on top of our scalable & secure platform, for problems specific to your unique laboratory situation.


Our team takes stock of your specific challenges and documents its required functionality to ensure alignment between your and our thinking.


Our team iteratively takes your problem set and transforms it into wireframes and mockups for review.


Once we're aligned on solutions, our team iteratively develops solutions with your team, validating our designs at each step.

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User-friendly software, with an algorithm that understands outliers. Genotyper helps us automate as well as understand historical data.

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Sjoerd Engelbertink, MSc
Reporting & interpretation