Bioinformatics Engineer


Set up genomics pipelines & develop innovative solutions to productize science.

Core features.

Our ideal candidate has these 3 features.

Engineer at heart.

We're seeking someone with an intrinsic passion for engineering; a person who not only sees software development as a profession but as an integral part of their identity.

Deep learner.

We're in search of an individual who embodies the spirit of continual learning, someone who delves into the depths of knowledge to understand not just how things work, but why.

Big picture, minute detail.

The ideal candidate balances a rare combination of big picture thinking and meticulous attention to detail, seamlessly switching between zooming out to see the broader context and zooming in to refine the details.

Here's what you bring to the table.

We’re looking for a Bioinformatics Engineer who is passionate about science being productized for routine usage in large-scale, high-throughput applications. You agree in our beliefs that the market deserves better tools, and wish to take a leading role in making this a reality, supported by a team of software experts.


  • Contribute to Breed Bio’s software platform by designing, writing, testing and reviewing high quality code and scripts.
  • Contribute to customer-specific projects, building computational biology pipelines and performing data analysis.
  • Contribute to converting scientific literature into productized solutions leveraging a combination of existing open-source libraries and proprietary implementation.
  • Proactively collaborate with project managers and other engineers to deeply understand requirements.Stay up to date on emerging technologies and industry trends, identifying opportunities to enhance the capabilities of our platform.


  • Master's degree in a relevant field such as Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Computational Biology, Genomics, Bioengineering or Biotechnology
  • Demonstrable itch to strive for success, take ownership, find and move relevant needles.
  • Experience in Python and R is a must, ideally supported by a practical knowledge of Docker and unix environments.
  • Experience with open-source libraries & computational pipelines.
  • Experience with applied genomic techniques in the context of trait discovery and breeding such as quantitative-trait-loci (QTL) mapping, marker-assisted-selection (MAS) or genomic selection (GS).
  • You’ve ideally worked with BLAST or comparable tools before and understand the intricacies of assay design and off-target analysis.
  • Fluency in English - we serve an international market and most often use English internally as well.
  • High standards and expectations - for yourself, for your colleagues, for the tech stack, tools and peripherals you work with on a daily basis, for the company’s vision, mission and ability to execute.

We think it’s critical that you do the work you’re good at or that you would like to become good at. If you think you would tick most of these boxes today or in the future, let’s have a chat.

Our commitment

Working at Breed Bio

A picture of a macbook and a Breed Bio pen as well as a book.

Gear to get you started, and keep you going.

A MacBook that blows through work or a Windows PC that gets stuff done. Plus a swag pack that we think is cool.

An important challenge.

We are working with the largest companies in the world to solve for the bottom of Maslow's pyramid: food. Our mission is clear: help the breeding companies come up with an answer to the world's growing agricultural demands.

A normal relationship with work.

We believe people should have a normal relationship with work. It's not war here, it's just work. We're not a family, we're a team. It gets busier when we have deadlines, but those periods come and go.

A picture of Breed Bio's team.

Do what you love.

This thing we call work should be fun, and we'll do our best to make it just so. Whether it's building code, or shipping products to customers.

Learn & grow deeply.

From career skills to learning about agriculture: everyone on the team has access to an extensive learning budget. For specific skills, we enable you to learn on the job, too.

Great package.

Our goal is to hire the best of breed, and pay them accordingly. Next to competitive pay packages, we offer extensive fringe benefits.

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