Collaborate in real-time with breeders through Lab Portal.

Stop juggling asynchronous communication with your customers through spreadsheets, emails and other manual operations. Collaboratively plan and follow-up on work as it progresses, while keeping an internal overview of your lab work schedule across breeders.

A screenshot of Breed Bio's Lab Portal and Kanban view of open Breeder orders.

Functionality we are exploring for

Lab Portal

We are actively designing Lab Portal with our customers and are exploring:

Breeder forms

Setting up (custom) forms for breeders to add new material to the order overview of your lab.

Bi-directional sync

Syncing information to breeders in real-time, giving them insights into the progress of their orders.

Breeder management

Managing breeder-users and creation of new breeder accounts by your lab management team.

Build it with us.

We're currently building Lab Portal with next-gen seed companies. Join them and provide your inputs, help us build the right products, the right way.

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