Bring all your lab's data into the fold with Metrics.

Ensure quality & efficiency through lab & marker metrics. Detect and comprehend changes over time.

A depiction of Metrics, Breed Bio's application that makes marker data insightful over timeseries.

Understand assay and markers over time.

Build a retrospective understanding on how assay designs equipment, consumables, reagents, sample material and other factors impact marker and assay quality.

A screenshot of Breed Bio's Metrics dashboard for marker QC.
An illustration of Breed Bio's Metrics application, the Laboratory dashboard.

Analyze lab and team productivity.

Build an understanding of what is impacting your team's throughput and turnaround time in your laboratory. Dig into historical productivity metrics with multi-faceted search.

Help us build it.

We're currently building Metrics with forward-thinking seed companies. Start collaborating with us and add your inputs to our roadmap.

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