Software to meet the world's growing agricultural demand.

On a mission.

Our team is on a mission to help agriculture companies reach the demands of a rapidly evolving climate, a growing global population, and an increasing awareness for sustainable agriculture. We do this by providing software that unlocks, not blocks productivity in breeding laboratories.

With a vision.

Breeding laboratories should be geared towards efficiently getting high quality results out of the door. We envision a world free from importing and exporting spreadsheets, endlessly manipulating data or navigating that siloed application that barely keeps up with the pace of the latest generation. Productivity, all the way through, will ensure we reach the world's growing agricultural demand.

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We believe in...

We have designed our company to be driven by 3 core beliefs.

Design and scale.

We believe building software should be done qualitatively, and beautifully. When we build, we gear for clean designs, of both back- and front-end software, as well as for scale, of both today’s and tomorrow’s throughput requirements.

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Small impactful teams.

Small, enthusiastic, empowered teams, with extremely efficient and open communication, is a prerequisite for true innovation. Hive mentality energizes and lifts people up to perform the best work of their lives.

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Customer intimacy.

If it matters to our customers, it should matter to us. True understanding of a customer’s specific needs is extremely hard and needs relentless effort, but is always worth it in the end.

Generation I

Cover the full breeding laboratory with software that automates the day-to-day work. Lab Portal to collaborate with breeders and plan orders. Plate Manager to streamline workloads. Genotyper to automate and standardize data analyses across multiple instruments and assays. Reports to calculate and conclude laboratory findings.

Generation II

Expand outwards from the laboratory, into the breeding company's trait studies and field trials, as well as assay design. By building across both R&D and lab functions, we provide faster feedback loops for issues detected in the laboratory and speed up the pace of innovation.

Generation III

Software to cover the distribution of assays from reagent providers to breeding laboratories and integrate more deeply with assay inventory management systems. Next to that, play a role in commercial & regulatory aspects of seed manufacturing, where breeding companies interact with their market.

Meet the team.


Bart Verstrynge
CEO & founder
Thomas Beuls
CCO & founder
Charlotte Jans
Project engineer
Kenneth Vandersteene
Software engineer
Tom Houben
Software engineer
Wouter Uten
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